*e-Knowledge Repository for Teaching & Learning - Web-enabled, student-driven, collaborative e-learning space

e-Knowledge Repository

*NoteSSSwap - Web-facilitated tool for developing note-taking skills through the swapping of student notes

visit NoteSSSwap

*ABC's of Note Taking - A 15-minute video presentation which explains how to take effective notes using the Cornell Note Taking System

view Note Taking Video

*Xword Puzzle - For teaching Law courses supported by “e3 Learning Project” of University Grants Commission

visit Xword Puzzle

*Learning for Understanding (L4U) - A learner-centered, web-based teaching-learning tool to engage students in thought-demanding tasks thru' peer collaboration

visit L4U

*Web-based Evaluative Self-learning Tool (WEST) - Teaches students to self-learn critical thinking, analysis and related skills in putting together quality essay-type answers

*e-Cases: Enriching Teaching & Learning - An innovative approach to enrich and enhance learning experiences by leveraging on technology

* Online Business Law course based on blended learning model

*Differential Diagnosis (Ddx): A Pedagogy for Project Supervision

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